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Welcome to DOC Engineering Inc., a Canadian leader specializing in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing (HVAC&P) Engineering design within the commercial and Multi unit residential sectors in the maritimes. DOC Engineering is a Nova Scotian privately owned and operated business with over 10 years of design experience in the construction industry in the maritime provinces. We are professional in our work, well skilled in design, knowledgeable of the construction industry we work in. We provide our clients with new innovative designs that meet their project requirements.

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Quality Assurance
DOC is dedicated to providing high quality mechanical design, service, and support to our clients.

CaGBC honours Canada’s green building leaders at 2017 Leadership Awards

Q Lofts has recently been selected as a 'runner up' for the Green Building Excellence Award from the CaGBC along with Telus Garden Office Tower, Toronto Dominion Centre, and the NSCC Institute of Technology Campus, Dartmouth, NS.

For full descriptions of award winners please visit the news section of CaGBC’s website.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning design services

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning design services for the commercial and multi-unit residential buildings: Space Heating- forced air, hot water baseboard, and radiant in-floor heating design. Space Cooling- forced air, radiant in-floor cooling, and air conditioning design.

Plumbing design consulting services.

Plumbing design services for the commercial and multi-unit residential building sectors : Sanitary, storm, waste, vent, rainwater storage system, and domestic water system design, equipment specification and sizing. Piping sizing and specification. Grey water heat recovery system design.

NFPA 96 Grease exhaust system design

Grease exhaust system design to NFPA 96 requirements. Heat exhaust system design. Please contact us for more information.

Cost Analysis

DOC provides capital cost and energy consumption estimates for different types of HVAC equipment/fuel sources. Please contact us for more information.

Building condition Assessments ( Hi Brooklyn )

DOC Engineering Inc. provides detailed building mechanical systems assessment reports. we have performed several heritage building assessments on DND properties and would like to do more. Please contact us if you are seeking a skilled professional to provide a thorough assessment for your new or existing building.

Engineering Report writing services

DOC Engineering provides engineering report writing services for evaluation of existing equipment and recommendation of new equipment with and without our cost estimation services. Please contact us for more information.

Mechanical and Architectural drafting services

Competitive hourly rates to complete new home plans and small commercial floor plan layouts in AutoCAD .dwg format. Please contact us for more information.

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